Official book release – Petrichor

My novella, Petrichor, has been released today thanks to Hague Publishing. Check out samples and reviews at It’s available at Amazon and all other online bookstores.


New publication

My science fiction story “Where parallel lines meet” is up at StarShipSofa

New publication and acceptance

My short story, “The Space Between Us” was published by Emerging Worlds Magazine

and my personal essay, “The bedridden astronaut” has been accepted in Black Inc’s anthology, Growing up disabled in Australia

This acceptance holds special meaning to me as it will be my 100th acceptance of creative writing.

Recent publications

My short story, “Invasion”, is up at The New Accelerator and my poem, “A love letter to Winter”, recent appeared in InDaily Poets Corner.

Acceptances and nomination

Thank you to Third Flatiron for a Pushcart nomination for my story “Shadow Harvest”.

I also had four poems accepted by Lite Lit One, which looks like it will be a great journal.

Hope Shines anthology and Futures

Two publications today.

Firstly, the Hope Shines anthology published by Simon & Schuster was launched today. It contains my story “Lilly of the locust fields”. It is available at Dymocks, Booktopia and Amazon.


I also have a story in Nature Futures called “Remembrance”.

Publication in Kasma Magazine

Just in time for Halloween, my spooky short story “Road rage” is up at Kasma Magazine today.

Publication in Factor Four and newspaper article

My story “The Red Goddess” is in the October issue of Factor Four Magazine.

I also had an article feature in my local paper recently about the Writing Scholarship from The Brotherhood of St Lawrence as part of The Hope Prize.


Recent publications

My short story “Shadow Harvest” is out today in Terra! Tara! Terror! (Third Flatiron Publishing)

And my short story “Two to the power of one” recently appeared in Mad Scientist Journal.


Women’s Writing Career Development Scholarship

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded one of two Women’s Writing Career Development Scholarships as part of The Hope Prize.

The Hope Prize is an annual Australian contest run by The Brotherhood of St Laurence and judged by eminent Aussies, Cate Blanchett, Dame Quentin Bryce, and Kate Grenville.

My scholarship-winning story, “Lilly of Locust Fields” will be included in an anthology to be published at the end of the year by Simon & Schuster.

August short story sales

Three recent short story sales to Factor Four Magazine, Natures: Futures, and Third Flatiron Publishing’s Terra! Tara! Terror! anthology.

Publication in Unnerving Magazine

My story, “Bloodletting”, is in issue 6 of Unnerving Magazine

Publication in Lamplight Magazine

My story “Socks soaked with time”  is in the current issue of Lamplight Magazine.

Publication in Little Blue Marble

My story “A Verdant Heart” is in Little Blue Marble today:

First sale for 2018

My flash fiction, Two to the power of one, will appear in Mad Scientist Journal soon.

Interactive fiction at Sub-Q

My interactive fiction, “Tripladin masacre” is out today at Sub-Q. You can play it by following the line below:


My flash fiction story “Traditions” is up at The Martian Wave

Tidal Waves

My short story, “Tidal waves”, is in issue 42 of The Future Fire.

Head full of posies

My story “Head full of posies” is up today at Daily Science Fiction.

Publication in ASM

My story, “Ash upon the Starry Night” is in issue 68 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.

Also recent sales to The Future Fire Magazine and InDaily Poet’s Corner.

Publication in Zetetic: a journal of unusual inquiry

My poem ‘Missing pieces’ is up at Zetetic: a journal of unusual inquiry. 

Publication in Ecotastrophe II

My story ‘The Last Polar Bear’ is in Ecotastrophe II.

It includes some great climate change stories.

Publication in Persistent Visions

My futuristic Aussie outback inspired story, The Drover’s Ghost, is up at Persistent Visions.

Recent sales and publications

My flash fiction ‘Head full of posies’ has been accepted by Daily Science Fiction, and my story ‘Ash upon the Starry Night has been accepted by Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.

I also have a story up at the moment at Uprising Review.

Story sales and publications

My previously published story “Harmless” will appear in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine’s Best Stories of 2016 anthology.

My story “Boarding” will appear in Uprising Review.

My story “Farms collide” appears in the Nonsensically Challenged charity anthology. And I finally got to use the word SMOOT in a story.

Story sales

Two recent sales to Persistent Visions and Retro Future, for my short stories ‘The drover’s ghost’ and ‘Semelparity, springtime and the sentient soul’.

Poem published and contest finalist

My haiku, Jacaranda Kings, appears in this E-issue of Haiku Journal:

My short story, Spirit of the Free, is a finalist in the Newcastle Short Story Award and will appear in their anthology to be launched on the 7th of April.

Story publications

I have two stories out this month.

Virtually Human is up at Digital Science Fiction (first published in Daily SF).

Permutations of the soul is up at Sci Ph Journal (first published in Plasma Frequency Magazine).

Aurealis short story publication

My short story, ‘Elemetability’, is available in Aurealis issue 97.


I have a very short story, Blocked, up at Flash Fiction Press today. 

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