First sale for 2018

My flash fiction, Two to the power of one, will appear in Mad Scientist Journal soon.


Interactive fiction at Sub-Q

My interactive fiction, “Tripladin masacre” is out today at Sub-Q. You can play it by following the line below:


My flash fiction story “Traditions” is up at The Martian Wave

Tidal Waves

My short story, “Tidal waves”, is in issue 42 of The Future Fire.

Head full of posies

My story “Head full of posies” is up today at Daily Science Fiction.

Publication in ASM

My story, “Ash upon the Starry Night” is in issue 68 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.

Also recent sales to The Future Fire Magazine and InDaily Poet’s Corner.

Publication in Zetetic: a journal of unusual inquiry

My poem ‘Missing pieces’ is up at Zetetic: a journal of unusual inquiry. 

Publication in Ecotastrophe II

My story ‘The Last Polar Bear’ is in Ecotastrophe II.

It includes some great climate change stories.

Publication in Persistent Visions

My futuristic Aussie outback inspired story, The Drover’s Ghost, is up at Persistent Visions.

Recent sales and publications

My flash fiction ‘Head full of posies’ has been accepted by Daily Science Fiction, and my story ‘Ash upon the Starry Night has been accepted by Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.

I also have a story up at the moment at Uprising Review.

Story sales and publications

My previously published story “Harmless” will appear in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine’s Best Stories of 2016 anthology.

My story “Boarding” will appear in Uprising Review.

My story “Farms collide” appears in the Nonsensically Challenged charity anthology. And I finally got to use the word SMOOT in a story.

Story sales

Two recent sales to Persistent Visions and Retro Future, for my short stories ‘The drover’s ghost’ and ‘Semelparity, springtime and the sentient soul’.

Poem published and contest finalist

My haiku, Jacaranda Kings, appears in this E-issue of Haiku Journal:

My short story, Spirit of the Free, is a finalist in the Newcastle Short Story Award and will appear in their anthology to be launched on the 7th of April.

Story publications

I have two stories out this month.

Virtually Human is up at Digital Science Fiction (first published in Daily SF).

Permutations of the soul is up at Sci Ph Journal (first published in Plasma Frequency Magazine).

Aurealis short story publication

My short story, ‘Elemetability’, is available in Aurealis issue 97.


I have a very short story, Blocked, up at Flash Fiction Press today. 

Story sales

Story sales to Aurealis, Digital Science Fiction, and a Silver Honourable Mention from Writers of the Future.

Story publications

My short story, ‘The desert of eternity’ is in this issue of Bards & Sages Quarterly.

Fiction sales

A few more upcoming fiction publications to add to the list. My poem ‘How to bake a child’ will appear in Spirit’s Tincture, my flash fiction ‘Traditions’ will appear in The Martian Wave, and my climate change story ‘The Last Polar Bear’ will appear in Ecotastrophe II anthology.

This is not a Negan death prediction

There are dozens of death predictions out there. Some are quite detailed. Some fans are claiming “proof”. This is neither a prediction or proclamation of proof, this is what I would do as a writer if the script for episode 1, season 7 were in my hands. Spoilers might exist if you haven’t read the comics.

So before I outline my scene, here are some factors I would consider.

Firstly, I wouldn’t have Negan kill a woman. It would make Negan a completely different character to the comics. It would significantly alter one of the most iconic villains of all time. As a writer, I wouldn’t take that chance. Kirkman got that villain perfect. When writing an adaptation I wouldn’t mess with that in my script.

Secondly, the only reason (again I’m talking as a writer) I would end on a cliff-hanger as seemingly poorly written as that is if there were a solid reason in the story-telling. Yes, $ are a reason, but as a writer, I think there could be better reasons.

Thirdly, even though the producers have stated they were always going to switch things up, the plan was to stick to the general story arc of the comics. Maggie really needs a significant death to drive her character arc forward and drive a wedge between her and Rick. As a writer trying to adapt the comics, I can’t see how that could be anything other than Glen’s death. Yes as a writer I could kill Glen later, but I believe he deserves an iconic death.

Lastly, doing it exactly the same as the comics is too predictable and has potential to disappoint. As a writer, I would switch things up a little bit.

So given the hype of the finale, my script would open up on a smashed head. No I wouldn’t show the beating on screen (yet). And the character I would kill would be Aaron or Eugene. Given the farewell scenes with Eugene were so in-your-face obvious, I’d probably opt for Aaron.

The viewer reaction would either be disappointment that such an iconic death was wasted and they didn’t get to see it, or relief that a major character wasn’t killed.

But straight afterwards when all the other characters think they’re safe, I’d have Maggie crumple over in pain, possibly showing some blood. Glen would rush over. He already tried it once. Negan said that one was free. There is no way Negan would let Glen get away with that again. Then Glen would get the real Lucilling. I would show it on screen and Glen would finally have used up his nine lives.

The death of a minor character first would justify the “cliff-hanger”. Showing the death of a minor character in the season finale would’ve been anticlimactic, killing off both with character reactions in the finale would’ve taken too long. Killing Glen will drive Maggie’s character arc, but it also varies it enough to surprise the comic book fans.

The rest of the episode would focus on getting Maggie to the Hilltop and learning the fate of whether we had indeed just lost a third person. I’d end my script on a sign of hope e.g. a signs of life during an ultrasound.

The rest of the episode would be dedicated to getting Carol and Morgan to the Kingdom, and yes I would write in a tiger and let the producers work out the logistics of that one.

Again, this isn’t a prediction, this is what I would do if I were writing the Walking Dead’s script. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

New short story publications

My story “Harmless” is out in issue 63 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and my flash fiction “Timely Drop” is out in issue 26 of Neo-opsis SF Magazine.


My short story #WhatIsHendersonsCurse is in the current issue of Aurealis.

Story at Flash Fiction Press

My flash fiction piece, The Masterful Chef, is up at The Flash Fiction Press today.

Story online at Daily Science Fiction

My story, ‘Insanity Drive’ is up at Daily Science Fiction today.

Story in Plasma Frequency Magazine

I’m excited that Plasma Frequency Magazine is up and running again and to top it off, my story ‘Permutations of the soul’ is published there today.

Also my story ‘Abandoned’ (a quirky tale told from the POV of a word file) will be up at Flash Fiction Press on the 20th January.

Apex review

Some great reviews of Apex issue 79, which features my microfiction.

Two stories published today

My little story with little characters, In the shadow of Emoh’ is out today at Flash Fiction Press.

And my Christmas Invasion story is included in Apex issue 79.

Early Christmas presents

Two tiny pieces of fiction accepted this week.

My little story “A letter to Santa” was a winner in the Apex’s Christmas Invasion annual flash fiction contest, and my story “In the shadow of Emoh” was accepted at Flash Fiction Press.

Insanity Drive sold to Daily Science Fiction

I came back from a prolonged stay in hospital to an acceptance from Daily Science Fiction hiding among my 200+ unopened emails. A story acceptance is always good medicine.

First novel now represented

I am extremely excited to announce that I have an agent for my first novel, PETRICHOR. It is being represented by Brian Cook from The Authors’ Agent.

My fingers and toes are crossed hoping we can find a home for this YA Contemporary Fantasy, which I am quite fond of.

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