New short story publications

My story “Harmless” is out in issue 63 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and my flash fiction “Timely Drop” is out in issue 26 of Neo-opsis SF Magazine.



My short story #WhatIsHendersonsCurse is in the current issue of Aurealis.

Story at Flash Fiction Press

My flash fiction piece, The Masterful Chef, is up at The Flash Fiction Press today.

Story online at Daily Science Fiction

My story, ‘Insanity Drive’ is up at Daily Science Fiction today.

Story in Plasma Frequency Magazine

I’m excited that Plasma Frequency Magazine is up and running again and to top it off, my story ‘Permutations of the soul’ is published there today.

Also my story ‘Abandoned’ (a quirky tale told from the POV of a word file) will be up at Flash Fiction Press on the 20th January.

Apex review

Some great reviews of Apex issue 79, which features my microfiction.

Two stories published today

My little story with little characters, In the shadow of Emoh’ is out today at Flash Fiction Press.

And my Christmas Invasion story is included in Apex issue 79.

Early Christmas presents

Two tiny pieces of fiction accepted this week.

My little story “A letter to Santa” was a winner in the Apex’s Christmas Invasion annual flash fiction contest, and my story “In the shadow of Emoh” was accepted at Flash Fiction Press.

Insanity Drive sold to Daily Science Fiction

I came back from a prolonged stay in hospital to an acceptance from Daily Science Fiction hiding among my 200+ unopened emails. A story acceptance is always good medicine.

First novel now represented

I am extremely excited to announce that I have an agent for my first novel, PETRICHOR. It is being represented by Brian Cook from The Authors’ Agent.

My fingers and toes are crossed hoping we can find a home for this YA Contemporary Fantasy, which I am quite fond of.

Story, ‘Ephemeral Love’ selected for anthology.

I’m excited to report that The Future Fire magazine have selected my story to appear in their anthology celebrating their 10th anniversary. I feel very privileged as I love the stories they publish and their progressive outlook.

Delete, delete, delete!

In the old days a writer might be surrounded by a mass of scrunched up pieces of paper covered with notes and failed words. They would fill the wastepaper basket and flow out onto the carpet like molten lava from a volcano.

These days the scene is a bit different, and this morning my backspace key died. Not only did it die, but I punched it so hard that it leapt from the keyboard and onto the carpet. Not quite sure it can be fixed, but at least I have something to put in my wastepaper basket now.

The monster under my bed

My short story, ‘The monster under my bed’, is in Aurealis # 79 now.


InDaily: Country Skies

I have a poem called ‘Country Skies’ currently posted at InDaily Poets Corner.

Story posted at Daily Science Fiction

My latest “story” is currently up at Daily Science Fiction.

Found some good news in my inbox while stuck in hospital

My tiny poem, ‘The night-time visitor’ is in issue 67 of Apex Magazine; and my story ‘Attrition of the soul’ received an Honourable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest!

Good news hat trick

It has been a good week. My short story ‘The long shadow’ has been published in issue 76 of Aurealis:

My tanks ‘Night-time visitor has been accepted for publication in Apex and my short story ‘Permutations of the soul’ has bee accepted by Plasma Frequency Magazine.

Alas my NaNoWriMo project isn’t doing as well šŸ˜¦

Happy dancing: Apex publication and Aurealis sale

My short poem ‘Sentience is watching a sunset‘ is now up at Apex Magazine, and I sold my short story ‘The Long Shadow’ to Aurealis.

Infinitas Newsletter now out

Little story published at Infinitas Newsletter today.


I have a little quirky tale up at AntiopodeanSF.

Every day poets

I have a poem up at Every day poets at the moment.Ā

New Year cheer.

I’m Excited to say I’ve kicked off the new year with a story accepted at Antipodean SF and I was a Runner-up in the Journal of Unlikely Story Acceptances. This was for intentionally bad writing, so not sure I should brag about that. šŸ™‚

AmazonSmile supporting charity

AmazonSmile has been around for a couple of weeks but I only just stumbled upon it. You can buy your books or other Amazon purchases in the same way as you do on the regular Amazon site, except a portion of profits go to charity.

A great way to buy your Christmas presents this year.

Countdown to NaNoWriMo

I am attempting the craziness that is NaNo again this year. I have yet to “win” but even if I don’t reach my word count, here are some great reasons why I like to participate:

– it helps train myself to write everyday

– I get a substantial amount of my work in progress completed

– I have a valid excuse not to do the housework for a month šŸ™‚



Happy dance!!!

My short story ‘Virtually Human’ is now online at Daily Science Fiction.

And I recently sold my first Sci Fi story for children to The School Magazine.

Goodreads, but bad culture?

This latest incident – in a long line of reported bullying on Goodreads – involves alleged rape threats to a debut author.Ā

Such maturity!

Stand up to Goodreads bullies!

Writers of the Future contest

I just received my first honourable mention in the Writers of the Future contest šŸ™‚

RIP M. Yunupingu

It is a sad day in the music world with the news that M. Yunupingu of Yothu Yindi has passed away while waiting for a kidney transplant. For me, as a writer, M. Yunupingu was an inspiration for the way he used words to change the world. But he has also inspired me to follow his footsteps and share my experiences with renal failure, especially given that Iā€™m about to go back on dialysis in a few weeks.

Great news

My flash fiction ‘Rochelle’ is now online at Perihelion

And to add to the excitement, my short story ‘Virtually Human’ has been accepted by Daily Science Fiction.

Here’s a special happy dance to celebrate the occasion.

Happy dance!

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, my flash fiction ‘Two to the Power of One’ has been published in Penumbra.

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