Story published in Cosmos!

Exciting news! My story, The Dragon, is now online at Cosmos.

Third time’s a charm now online

I’m excited to announce my story ‘Third time’s a charm’ is now up on the Daily Science Fiction website.

Doing happy dances!

I’ve been getting my weekly exercise with all the happy dances I’ve been doing recently.

I’ve just heard that my story ‘Third time’s a charm’ will be published next week at Daily Science Fiction. I’ll provide a link soon.

Also last week I received an acceptance for my story ‘The Dragon’ from Cosmos online. More details soon.

Seven Sins now online

My story ‘Seven Sins’ is now online at DSF.

Silence Broken now in Bards and Sages Quarterly

My story, Silence Broken, is now available in Bards and Sages Quartlery.

Available at


Rapunzel’s Daughters anthology reviews

Another positive review for Rapunzel’s Daughters from Library Journal.

Reviews for Rapunzel’s Daughters anthology

There have been some great reviews for Rapunzel’s Daughters and this one mentioned my story!

Quoted from A Bookish Affair

What’s the Story?:

From “What happens after the “Happily Ever After”…?
30 writers answer questions that no one has dared ask before about your favorite fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and legends. What dark arts will Little Miss Muffet employ to exact her revenge on the spider? Can a guide help the Big, Bad Wolf succeed in eating Little Red Riding Hood without getting caught? Is Prince Charming gay? And will the Beast get tired of ravishing Beauty, and instead turn his attention to Lady Gaga?

All of these answers and more can be found in 31 original stories full of indecisive princesses, talking wolves, unhappy frogs, wicked witches, with a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust, magical transformations, and psychotherapy.”

My Two Cents:

What a cool book! I have always loved fairy tales and I personally have been very happy to see the resurgence in new takes on some of my favorite fairy tales.  This book is filled with some great sequels and retellings of fairy tales that were old favorites and a few new-to-me fairy tales that were really wonderful.

Some of my favorites from the book:

  • A Wolf’s Guide to the Fairy Tale by Dave Sellars: A play by play of Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf’s point of view. Very funny.
  • Dr. Zum: Psychotherapist to the Surreal by Melanie Rees: The title says it all. Can you imagine having some of these fairy tales recline on your therapist couch???
  • Testing the Waters by Stuart Sharp: What if you got a chance to kiss more that one frog to find your perfect prince? Oh and you’re really, really, really picky.
  • Cinderella’s Niece by Nicci Mechler: What if your aunt happened to be a famous fairy tale character who was still obsessed with her story and it’s made her a little crazy.

There are over 30 stories in this book. Each one is a unique take on a classic. It was so interesting to see what people came up with.

Bottom line: This is a great read for all my fellow fairy tale lovers.

My Review:
4 out of 5 stars

Rapunzel’s Daughters now available through Amazon

What happened after the happily ever after? This anthology has 31 stories that put a new spin on old tales.

Included in the Rapunze’ls Daughters anthologys is my short story, ‘Dr Zum: psychotherapist to the surreal’.


Dr Zum accepted

My short story, ‘Dr Zum: psychotherapist to the surreal’ has been accepted for the Rapunzel’s Daughters anthology to be published by Pink Narcissus Press.

Issue 48 of ASIM now available

My story ‘Holding’ is available in issue 48 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

Shades of Sentience anthology launched

My story ‘Devil’s Dinner’ has been included in the Shades of Sentience short story anthology, which was launched at 2010 Brisbane Supernova in early April.

‘Devil’s Dinner’ a finalist in Shades of Sentience competition

My Story ‘Devil’s Dinner’ was a finalist is the Shades of Sentience short story competition and has been offered a place in a proposed anthology. If  the anthology proceeds I will post more details soon.

‘Holding’ will appear in ASIM

My short story ‘Holding’ will appear in issue 48 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (due out approximately October 2010).
I have been a long-term subscriber of ASIM and they always have some amusing and bizzare tales from the world of SF and Fantasy.