Shifting book launch

I just finished a very different project. A small group of Professional Writing students and Print Making students at the Adelaide College of the Arts were chosen to hand-make a book. The collaborative student-project has taken us almost a year, but we have finally finished making 20 books and we had the official launch last night.

This has certainly provided me with an appreciation of the “other side of the fence”. I never knew there was so much to know about paper and book binding. It has been a real insight.

My literary contribution was a one page poem called ‘the longest shift’ and is about ambulance shift workers. Poetry isn’t my “thing” but I’m really pleased with this poem so I am trying to get it published somewhere online so I can share it with everyone.


Night-time visitor

In the dark she sings,
She holds my hand tight in hers:
Limbs tender, voice soft.
Clouds part, the moon shines upon
Green skin, one too many arms.

The River Murray

She breathes from the hills
Opens her mouth to exhale
Tired she gasps for air

Haiku appearing at Riverbeats Live 09