Infinitas Newsletter now out

Little story published at Infinitas Newsletter today.



I have a little quirky tale up at AntiopodeanSF.

Scribophile contest

I just won a small flash fiction contest over at Scribophile. The contest prompt was to write a 500 word memoir about the most significant push someone has ever given you, but write it from the POV of the person giving your the push.

The link is only displayed in a member area, so you need to sign up to Scribophile if you want to read it. Otherwise, I might post it here sometime soon.

Seven Sins published today

Great news. My story ‘Seven Sins’ has been published on Daily Science Fiction. It has been sent out via email today and should appear online in a week or so. I’ll provide a link when it’s on the website.

Doing a happy dance!

My story ‘Third time’s a charm’ has been accepted in Daily Science Fiction.

Hard Boiled

My flash fiction ‘Hard Boiled’ is now online at Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.

Another sale!!!

Exciting newss. I have sold my story, Seven Sins, to Daily Science Fiction. Unless the Mayan prophecy becomes a reality, 2012 looks like it will be a good year.

New year cheer!

It has been a happy new year so far with two of my stories accepted during the past week.

My story ‘Silence Broken’ will appear in Bards and Sages Quarterly in the April edition, and my flash fiction piece called ‘Hard Boiled’ will soon appear in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.

A Time to Kill now online

A Time to Kill is now online at Daily Science Fiction

Sale to Daily Science Fiction

I’m excited to announce that I’ve sold my story ‘A Time to Kill’ to Daily Science Fiction. Release date TBA.

Sales are always extra special when they’re markets that I subscribe to and this is also my first “pro-market sale”. There are some great stories on DSF and I’m looking forward to having my story among them.

The holiday

His spindly grey finger swirled haphazardly in the air before pointing randomly upon the galactic charts.
“So where are we going for our vacation?” she asked with bated breathe.
He drew back his finger to reveal their destination, an isolated blue-green planet.
“Bugger! Practice shot?”
“Practice shot,” she agreed.

The Holiday was first published in issue 124 of Antipodean SF