Beware of the writers’ wrath

This week, I saw someone trolling a writing site masquerading as an author. They later revealed they were a psychology student conducting social experiments. I’ve heard of this kind of thing happening on social networking sites, where students pose fake questions or situations and see what people’s responses are, but not on professional writing sites.

Writers tend to share information with each other because we’re in the business of writing about character’s (and hence people’s) motivations, desires and reactions to different situations.

While this event didn’t affect me directly, this trolling still disgusts me. My next work in progress may just include an antagonist who is a psychology student that becomes infected by an alien parasite, turns into a grotesque creature and causes havoc on the city streets.

To any internet trolls lurking on writing forums, go infect the social playground that is Facebook and leave professional sites alone.  Writers aren’t the kind of people you want to mess with.