All I want for Christmas…

…is to finish my NaNoWriMo project.

Unfortunately work got in the way of reaching 50,000 words before the end of November, but I am determined to get there before Christmas. This novel is really starting to take shape. I’m at 45,000, and the novel will only end up being about 60,000 words long. So I’m almost there.

The working title is ‘Dust Devils’ but I’m also considering calling it ‘Petrichor’. The structure is similar to Pan’s Labyrinth and it is set on a drought-ridden farming property. The story is told from the POV of a 12 year-old boy and he creates a fantasy world around him to escape from the realities of life in the bush during times of drought, including dealing with rural suicides, financial hardship and workers walking from their farms.


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