Are you a writer?

How you know when you are a ‘writer’ : –
– You start day-dreaming on the setting of your latest novel and walk into a stobie pole
– You get hysterical in the café as the ink in your pen has run out and you have thought of a brilliant idea you need to jot down
– You are busy writing on the train and miss your stop
– You start arranging your children’s toys on the lounge room floor to try to work out a fight scene (“Die, My Potato Head,” said Barbie driving her pink convertible over his ears.)
– You call your boss by the name of a character you are developing (which is problematic when your character’s name is Captain Hinklebottom)
– You spend time procrastinating and writing silly quirks on your blog when you should be writing your novel


‘Devil’s Dinner’ a finalist in Shades of Sentience competition

My Story ‘Devil’s Dinner’ was a finalist is the Shades of Sentience short story competition and has been offered a place in a proposed anthology. If  the anthology proceeds I will post more details soon.